Saturday, February 7, 2009

A month to go!!

A month from now we'll be on our second day of the trip. Had Paradise Sports in Windsor, Vermont box up my bike to ship. If you're ever in Windsor, please visit Jim and Rick at Paradise Sports. They have been wonderful. They even gave a basic on-the-road maintenance class to Carol, Peggy and me (Carol and Peggy are on the trip too). Took the bike to UPS yesterday to send to Dan Plummer, Wheels on Wheels, in San Diego. Had to replace my 28-year old bike on the trainer with my 22-year old bike yesterday too. The older bike just wore out!! Gears were worn, chain stretched, tires falling apart. The 22-year old bike is in better shape, but a different frame geometry than the one going on the trip. Oh well, when it is 10 degrees outside anything inside will do!

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kak said...

I am so glad you are going forth on this. You are the Best (after the rest of us).