Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bee-bopping in Bogalusa

Just when I thought we would spend the rest of the trip in boring flat land, Michelle's route gave us some nice rolling hills and pretty back roads. It was a beautiful day.

The scenery looked much the same as the last few days early on, but then at mile 20 we encountered the Global Wildlife park -- llamas at the fence. The park is a giant enclosure for various wildlife forms and they run 1 1/2 hr. rides through the park during which you can touch and feed the wildlife. As a bicyclist the trick was getting in, because once you delicately cross the cattle grates you are in open wildlife country. Imagine bicyclists being chased by herds of elk, llamas, antelope, whatever. Fortunately a park worker in an open vehicle was coming by and gave a couple of us a ride to the visitor's center where we could buy tickets for the 10 a.m. ride. Another bicyclist got a ride in with another visitor. Unfortunately for us, every school-age child in Louisiana and their parents showed up for that ride and they ran out of tickets just before we got to the cash registers. So, the park worker came and brought us out and we were back on the road again.

Further down the road we came upon the Uneedus Superdome!
The rest of the ride was less eventful and on gorgeous back roads with very little traffic. Thank you Michelle. Saw more horses and cows, and got barked at but not chased by dogs. By 1:30 I was in Bogalusa, even though I was really just dawdling.
Bike stats: Oops - forgot to bring the cycle computer to the hotel lobby (where the wireless works): 54 miles today; don't know how long it took; don't have the number for total trip mileage.

Food stats: Cornflakes with yogurt for breakfast. Had a banana, fruit chews, and a Powerbar Harvest bar on the road. Lunch was some red beans and rice, two chicken tenders, and an ice cream bar.

Tomorrow we cross into Mississippi, so it will be margarita night. Will be another short day too. Yahoo!

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Thom said...

Hola! Looks like a fun day today. And it's already margarita day again tomorrow! That's more like it!
Tomorrow, why don't you get confused and ride back to Kerrville, TX? We miss you!
Have fun, play nicely with others, and don't make those faces - you'll get stuck that way!