Sunday, April 19, 2009

Margaritas at Dauphin Island

We're on Dauphin Island in Alabama tonight and tomorrow night. New state means margaritas! The ride was a really short ride - 43 miles -- and I was on the island by noon even with a headwind. Bad weather was forecast for yesterday, last night, and today, but we didn't get any of it, just more quartering headwind. It is supposed to clear as the day progresses and tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous.

The ride was pretty flat all the way to the bridge from the mainland to the island. Had a few dogs bark at us but nothing worrisome. Got here and had lunch at the Lighthouse Bakery. Had heard they were a good breakfast stop (for tomorrow morning), so as I rode in I checked with them and they said they would be closed tomorrow. So, I checked in at the condos and then went back for a fantastic omelette. Wanted to grab a bunch of goodies, but couldn't haul them on the bike without crushing them. Read some good internet reviews of the Best Li'l Oar House and The Common Loon restaurants. I'd like to get some good seafood tomorrow.

We're at condos which face the Gulf beach. Should be nice to walk the beach tomorrow. There are also lots of nature/bird viewing areas to check out too. I'll need to clean and lube Bessie the bike before I set out to do any sightseeing tomorrow. Also need to ply, wash, and dry some yarn I am spinning. There are six of us in this 4-bedroom condo which also has two washers. Of course, I'm accustomed to my single room. Guess I'll have to actually interact with people for the next day or so!! Hope they can handle it. Plenty of room in the condo for all of us though. The condo management has left a bag of rags we can use to clean our bikes. Smart move!

Bike stats: 50.05 (included some bikeseeing miles before settling in at the condo); 4 hrs. 13 minutes riding time; 1,614 total trip miles. I'll leave the computer in the room tomorrow while I sightsee so I don't make Kak angry by including any more miles on the official tally than necessary!

Food stats: Last night had pumpkin and spinach lasagna (really great), salad, and bread. This morning had eggs, half a banana, and half a donut. On the road had 2 oreo cookies. Had a smoked ham with mushrooms, onions, and swiss cheese omelette with toast. Linda is cooking supper tonight. We're on our own tomorrow.

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Thom said...

Oh well, there goes the rest of the trip, Nancy having to interact with others. Maybe you can go to the pharmacy and get a sleeping pill and sleep through the whole thing. At least the ride is almost over and "the truth about Nancy" discovered through interaction won't ruin too much of the ride.
You're a nice girl Nancy, people will like you if you do the same act you've done all your life. You don't have to show the rest of them what you're REALLY like, that can be reserved for the "lucky" few of us (family, Peter,...)
We miss you and are all pulling for you in the homestretch! You Go!