Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Relaxing in St. Francisville

Today has been a nice day to recharge the batteries. St. Francisville is a beautiful little town and the weather was perfect -- cool breezes and warm sun. Spent the morning walking around town. There are lots of neat old homes and churches and some fun gift shops to visit. The museum at the visitor center is also interesting. I really liked Grandmother's Buttons -- a store with neat stuff and they make antique-style buttons and jewelry. They have a website (http://www.grandmothersbuttons.com/) (which I couldn't get to come up on the computer), and they sell wholesale (hint Anne and Sandy -- really nice stuff for Six Loose Ladies??).

Had a nice sandwich at lunchtime at Magnolia's Cafe and saved half of it for dinner. Mailed some stuff and then spent the afternoon reading and listening to YoYo Ma and Peter, Paul and Mary on the MP3 player. What a relaxing afternoon!!!

St. Francisville is on a bluff over Bayou Sara. The bayou area is the home of the largest bald cypress trees in the nation. The houses on low-lying areas in Louisiana frequently are on structures which raise them above the ground. The trees have lots of spanish moss and also have "resurrection fern" on them -- in dry times the fern is dull brown and dromant, but when there is some rain it comes back to life and is green. Things are so different from Vermont!

Looking forward to getting back on my wheels tomorrow. I have only a few long days of riding left on the trip. I drive the sag wagon on the others. One of the disappointments of this trip for me has been the lack of interesting side trips and museums along the route. On the shorter days we would have time for them, but I haven't found them on the shorter days. Don't have time for them on the longer days. A few of the ones we have encountered have been closed on the day we passed through. I think that we're a bit off-season for some things too. Maybe when Peter and I do the Northern Tier (my 60th birthday year??) (Peter will drive sag) we can take more time for side trips and fun things.


Thom said...

When you do the Northern route are you going to stop in Texas again? Please.......
Sounds like it was a nice day. Glad to hear it. Back in the saddle tomorrow!
Lots of aloha,
your Candleglo fans

kak said...

One of the things I love about the southern States is how many different greens there are - trees, vines, grasses...Hope you enjoyed your ride - it sure passed by fast. Aloha, Kak

marty said...

Aaah! (please read in a southern accent) It's so nice to relax in a lazy southern town. Warm sun, cool soda waters, thick shade, the sound of cicadas at night. Ah doo dehclayah! Y'all watch out for snakes, ya heah!