Thursday, April 30, 2009

What next????????

Well, it's over. Now what do I do???? For starters, get up early tomorrow morning, have some cereal and yogurt, then hit the road (driving) back to Vermont. First stop is my sister Kak's home for a visit tomorrow night and Saturday. We'll be home Sunday night, and pick up my furry buddy Brody on Monday morning. And NO, Six Loose Ladies, I will not plan to be in the store on May 9. Please give me a week at home (I will pick up the store computer and get stuff entered and squared away).

So, today, as usual, Elisabeth asked, "Anyone want to go for a bike ride?" and everyone was out and on the bikes slightly before the butt crack of dawn. We had 40 miles to cover (according to the cue sheet) before 10:30. I found myself in the lead at one point, and it was awesome to see a whole long string of bicyclists behind me! We made it 19 miles to the first sag stop by shortly after 8, so relaxed and took it easy the rest of the way.
The road was flat, with more farms and riverside homes, and then we were at the firehouse meeting place, or were we? The firehouse was at about 37 miles, but on the cue sheet it was supposed to be at 40. There was considerable confusion at first, but finally the firepersons confirmed we were supposed to be there, the female motorcycle cop showed up, and we started getting ready, lining up in twos. Two police cars joined the motorcycle cop and we were off, sirens blaring. It really was a fun 6 mile ride to the beach. We sailed through intersections with our escorts. At the same time, I was choking back tears thinking of dad and thinking of how happy I would be to see Peter. I can now understand why guys don't understand girls -- we cry when we're sad, and we cry when we're happy.

At the beach there was quite a welcome contingent of friends and family. I found Peter and cried for joy! It was so, so good to be with him again. Peter walked with me and Bessie to the edge of the water and I dipped her wheels in the Atlantic. After the perfunctory picture-taking, we had a nice picnic lunch of a wrap, chips, fruit, and a drink. Peter and I then went to the hotel, I showered, and we spent the afternoon wandering the old town section of St. Augustine. Saw enough to know that it would be fun to come back and spend a few days seeing the museums and walking the beautiful beach.

I'll add more in a few days when I'm back home and can look back on this experience a little more objectively.
Bike stats: 44.58 miles; 3 hrs. 17 minutes riding time; 2,011 total trip miles.

Food stats: Last night we had salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, spinach leaf salad, and assorted goodies from friends and family. This morning was cereal, yogurt, and a banana. Lunch was a turkey wrap, and some pineapple and melon chunks. Since the ride ended for me at the beach, I don't need to tell you the details of the dinner at the A1A Brewery restaurant (and no - I didn't have a beer -- I needed to stay awake to post this entry). I skipped the traditional end-of-ride banquet for riders.
Let's see -- when is the Northern Tier first half ride next year????


Thom said...

Well, I must say your beachwear is a little odd.
Say hi to Peter and have a safe trip to Kak's and then HOME!!!!!!!
Talk to you soon.

Mikey said...

Nacy, Nacy, Nacy :-) Hallelujah!!! The scenes we've all been waiting for! I'm so excited and proud to have our own Lance Armstrong in the family (less the testicles but we won't go there). Oh, nuts, why not? It's all just too exciting! I wish someone could have taken pictures of that special moment when you saw Peter but I realize that's rather personal so I guess I'll have to wait and see it on Youtube!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Love, Mikey

Ellen said...

Congratulations, Nancy, and thanks for keeping such a wonderful blog. I remember talking to you just under a year ago and now you've done the whole ST. Welcome to the ST alumni association! Ellen from Brattleboro ST 2008

Anonymous said...

Well done! We're looking forward to having you back (I think).

Horseshoe#1 said...

I'm curious, Nancy, how many tires did you change on the trip? How many pair of shorts did you wear through on the seat from the cycling motion? Did you make the whole trip without any spills? Scraped knees or elbows? Did the bran finally work? many questions.