Monday, April 6, 2009

Lollygagging to La Grange

Today was scheduled to be a short day, so we started around 8 a.m. The ride started us through Bastrop and Buescher state parks. The first 14 miles or so were on quiet state park roads that wove up and down and all around. Some of the hills reminded me of Chubb Hill and the hill on East Rd. up to my house, steep but not quite as long as the hills to home. We were surrounded by trees which sheltered us from the wind, which was still blowing hard from the north.

Out of the park we were more exposed to the wind, but since we were traveling southeast the winds were in our favor! The route had beautiful rolling hills through forested areas and cow pastures. We're finally seeing green grass and flowers -- Indian paint brush, painted daisies, and the famed Texas bluebonnets. With the tailwind we were in La Grange in no time. Plenty of time to rest and catch up on stuff (for me that means drop spindling). Tomorrow we head northeast to Navasota, where we'll have a layover day.

Bike stats: 41.73 miles; 3 hrs. 25 minutes; 1,167 total trip miles.

Food stats: Dinner last night was barbecue sandwhiches, cole slaw, fresh fruit, boiled new potatoes, and a couple of cookies for dessert. Breakfast this morning was cereal and a banana. On-road snack was a granola bar. Lunch today has been two beef fajita tacos.

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Aunty Nancy said...

It seems amazing how quickly the landscape has changed over the past few days. Nice photos today.
Miss you lots. Be good and stay safe.
Aloha from all your loved ones at Candleglo.