Friday, April 17, 2009

Winging our way to Wiggins

We left Bogalusa well after the butt crack of dawn and headed on to Wiggins, Mississippi. Stopped along the way for a tasty road treat. The route continued to have rolling hills all the way, with varying road surfaces, some great, some which made Texas' chip seal look smoothe. Our cue sheet said we had a short option and a long option. The short option spent much of the time on a busy two-lane road with no shoulder. The longer option had better roads but we were cautioned about dogs. Evidently the dogs in this stretch last year were bad enough to have the sheriff involved. We all took the long option (better to have a dog bite than be hit by a truck) and enjoyed the ride immensely, even though we did have a stronger headwind than the past couple of days.

Stopped at a drug store in Poplarville which had a neat soda fountain in the back. We had ice cream there at 10 a.m. and relaxed for a few minutes, and used the flush toilet. We're starting to see chigger bites on the ankles of those using the outdoor toilet facilities, so an indoor toilet was a welcome sight!

Saw more cows, had some horses trot alongside us, and saw these lovely llamas and cria (baby llama). As we were taking pictures of the llamas, a local person pulled up next to us and said they were Mississippi cows. Puhleese............ We may be girls, but we ain't that uneducated!

So, bike stats: 61.73 miles; 5 hr. 23 minutes riding time; 1,564 total trip miles. Yesterday my ride time was 4 hrs. 38 minutes. It is fun to poll people you are riding with to see what their odometers read at various stops along the way. It's seldom that any 2 people have the same reading even though they've followed the same route.

Food stats: Last night had roast pork, mashed sweet potatoes, and mustard greens and black eye peas. Linda made a "dump cake" (say that with a real southern twang) last night: a can of cherry pie filling, a can of crushed pineapple with juice, sprinkle a box of vanilla cake mix on top of that, drizzle a melted stick of butter over all that. Bake. It was great. This morning I had cereal and milk and a banana for breakfast. On the road had a package of fruit chews, a donut (thank you Ann, the sag driver), and a small bowl of vanilla ice cream. Had a personal pan pizza (ham and pineapple) for lunch.

We're supposed to have a good chance of showers tomorrow and Sunday, so I'm glad I'm on sag duty tomorrow. We head to Pascagoula tomorrow. On Sunday we go to Dauphin Island, Alabama, where we have a layover day on Monday in condos on the coast. The weather for the layover day is supposed to be good.

Two weeks from today Peter and I will be driving up to Virginia Beach for a short visit with Krakie Kaki (my older, but not necessarily wiser) older sister before heading home. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.


Thom said...

Two weeks?!?!? I don't think it's been long enough. Turn around and head back to San Diego. That's a REAL ride!
I saw a hilarious bumper sticker today. It was a picture of a beautiful beach (like in Hawaii) and the bumper sticker said, "The scenery is here. I wish you were beautiful." I want one of those!
Anyhoo, have a nice day on the beach - hope the weather holds out. We've had rain all day today. Glad you missed the weather we've had the past couple of days!
Aloha for now,

kak said...

You had some of my favorite foods today. There are different ways for dump cake - it's one of our family favorites. Can use apples, cherries, blueberries - you get the picture. Know you want to get to your real home but it will be great to see you. Luv ya, Kak