Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cruising to Crestview

Had a short, easy ride from Pensacola to Crestview today. The ride started out on US90 and was very, very busy. We eventually moved from US90 to a bike path, and from there to some quiet back roads before joining back with a far-less-busy US90 for the final miles to Crestview. The ride had lots of rolling hills and good pavement. The wind was again favorable.

So, we arrived in Crestview around noon and the hotel kindly scrambled to get us into rooms (not all the assigned rooms had been cleaned). Some hotels have been very accommodating in that regard, while others just make us wait. The U.S.S. Intrepid veterans we left behind at the hotel were going to watch the Blue Angels practice this morning. They were lots of fun.

Not much else to report today. There wasn't any spectacular scenery and no notable side visits. A nice short, relaxing day to have before tomorrow's long day.

Bike stats: 56.43 miles; 4 hrs. 20 minutes riding time; 1,740 total trip miles.

Food stats: Had some grapes for dinner last night -- was still stuffed from lunch! Breakfast was scrambled eggs, hash browns, juice. Had some oreos and a Go Lean bar at the sag stops. Had a grande java chip frappuchino upon arrival and am getting ready to have a mandarin chicken salad for lunch.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 94 miles. Glad I'm driving the sag wagon!!

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Thom said...

Did you sag well today?