Thursday, April 9, 2009

In Cleveland, Texas that is

Another exciting sag day in Texas. Started out with a rider getting her arm warmers caught in her rear wheel and derailleur when she removed them while riding. She got some good bruises and scrapes and her rear derailleur was destroyed. As I pulled up to the scene of the accident, the sheriff pulled in behind me. He was really friendly and wanted to help out if we needed help. Fortunately another rider's boyfriend -- who just happened to be visiting -- was familiar with the area and he took the bike to a couple of places to get the right parts and get it fixed. And Bessie, my bike, was pressed into service in the damaged bike's place. All told, it was one of those incidents when everything just wasn't a big deal and by the end of the day everyone was back in synch.

Thank you to the sheriff and the town of Navasota. Everyone I met there was friendly and wanted to do whatever they could to make our stay pleasant.

The route today was more rolling hills and flat sections with lots of ranches (horses, cows) and the Sam Houston national forest -- meaning lots of trees. It was a pretty ride, overcast, comfortable temps, and not too windy. While I didn't see them, there were reports of dogs chasing some of the riders. We're told this will become a more common occurrence. Ugh.

So, no bike stats. Food stats: cereal for breakfast, some jerky and a few oreos for lunch, pizza and salad for dinner. Tomorrow will be our last full day in Texas. In two days it will be margarita time!!!


Thom said...

Getting thirsty for those margaritas? What a psychological boost it will be to cross the Texas state line into La! All is well here, but we miss you after seeing you! Take a quick side trip and come back to visit.
Aloha for now.
You fans on Candleglo

kak said...

I'm back physically. Need your total mileage ridden since I've been maintaining my stats. Does a strenuous hike across K. caldera count for something. Have finished reading all your posts. So, spring has arrived. Noticed you have spilled info about some of the riders!! Hope your tummy is feeling better. See you soon. Aloha, Kak