Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nice van ride to Navasota

After doing my blog entry yesterday I started to feel rather punky, so took a nap and woke up around dinnertime. Just couldn't bring myself to eat though -- stomach felt like it had a bowling ball in it. Advice to next year's riders -- maybe skip the taco place near the hotel! Didn't feel very well this morning so just had a small bowl of bran flakes and yogurt. That was enough to get me to the first sag stop, at which time the van and trailer pulled in and I decided to bag the day. Just didn't feel good and didn't have the energy for the day. Peggy was not feeling great either, so we just enjoyed the ride and the opportunity to get our laundry done right away at the hotel!
The route today was a pretty steady diet of long rolling hills through beautiful open cattle fields. The winds had pretty well died down and the morning was brisk (40 degrees or so as we started). It would have been a grand day to bicycle because the scenery was so beautiful. Lots and lots of bluebonnets and other flowers along the way.
Part of the ride was through Warrenton and Round Top which had canopy tents lining the road for miles after having an antiques and collectibles fair. The Texas version of the Brimfield, Massachusetts summer fairs. Would be fun to come back in early April and see what they pass off as antiques and collectibles in this part of the world.
Bike stats: 15.93 miles; 1 hr. 22 minutes riding time; 1,183 miles total trip distance.
Food: No dinner. Bran flakes and yogurt for breakfast. A few oreos at the sag stop. Vanilla milkshake at the hotel.
Think I'll check the dryer and then lay down for a while! Glad we have a layover day tomorrow. If I feel good enough, I may ride a bit just to see the scenery up close.

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Thom said...

What a change of scenery! nice pictures. You're almost out of Texas! What an accomplishment.