Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in Lafayette

It's Easter Sunday today. A weather front is moving through today. Weather forecasts said 20-30 mph winds from the east (headwinds), rain, chance of severe thunderstorms, and an 83-mile day. So, it was a van ride for me to Lafayette. By the time the van (also called the "mother ship") left the first sag stop we had seven of us plus Linda and Carol. After checking in at the hotel Carol took the mother ship back out in case others needed to be picked up.
(As I'm typing this there is a severe thunderstorm warning being issued - hail, straight-line winds, high winds, lightning, thunder.)

From the inside of the van the route looked -- flat. Lots of turns, some pretty bad road surfaces, but pretty rural and very quiet on Easter Sunday. Went through Crowley, the self-proclaimed rice capital of the U.S. Passed lots of rice patties, and some crawfish paddies. Louisiana is the leading producer of crawfish in the U.S. and has 125,000 acres of crawfish paddies.

So, no bike stats to report. Had a nice hotel breakfast of scrambled eggs, melon, hash browns, and a biscuit. Lunch has been a mocha frappuchino. I drive the sag wagon tomorrow (darn -- tailwinds are predicted). We have a layover in St. Francisville the day after. We've heard lots of good things about that layover site.

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