Monday, April 27, 2009

Pedal on to Perry

Reluctantly left the Wakulla Springs Lodge and rode to Perry, Florida. This was an even easier rolling rest day than the previous easiest rolling rest day. Flat, flat, flat. And yes, Patty (with whom I was riding) had a flat tire. That was the excitement of the day. She has the worst combination of rim and tire -- it is impossible to re-mount the tire without using tire irons. And, I am the queen of pinch flats (which result when you don't use the tire irons just right). Ann, the sag driver du jour, came to our aid, and it took the three of us together, with Ann wielding the tire iron, to get the tire back on.

Any prospective distance riders reading this, please, please, please do yourself a favor and practice changing tubes with the rims and tires you will use on the ride. If you can't do it yourself, get to your bike shop and find a set of rims and tires with which you can work. Otherwise, you may find yourself alone, in the middle of nowhere, with no one to help you, and can't change it by yourself. Makes for a wasted day.

The route was not only flat, but, aside from one turn around mile 8 and one around mile 49, and a small curve in between 8 and 49, it was absolutely straight. It felt like we were in a tunnel with no end in sight. Not a lot of scenery either. Just miles and miles of trees, saw palmettos, and swamp. The small curve had a cow ranch and some bald cypress trees in a field.
We got kind of excited over the bright orange "Dip ahead" sign. We stopped to take a picture of the dip, which had been paved over so it really wasn't much of one. Had neat numbering on the road where some cores appeared to have been drilled or some such. Oh, well, so much for that road attraction.

Got into Perry around 12:30, so had lunch of grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, split orders of onion rings and fries, and tried swamp cabbage. Swamp cabbage is the core of small palm-type plants. The core is chopped up and cooked in bacon grease and cloves (Patty thought it had a clove taste). I think it is an acquired taste.

Will spend time this evening plying up what I spun yesterday, and then start spinning the last ounce of fiber I have. Have almost finished my stash of spinning fiber. I'm looking forward to getting home and using the wheel for a while and doing some rug hooking!
Bike stats: 51.68 miles; 4 hrs. 4 minutes riding time; 1,888 total trip miles.

Food stats: breakfast was scrambled eggs and a banana. Had some oreos on the road. For lunch see above. Am actually getting tired of eating!


Thom said...

Nancy dear, I don't think you should be sharing personal information, such as how much fiber you have left, on the internet. Those of us who know you understand your fixation with such things, but it might frighten others.
I'm so glad you're nearing the end of your ride and that you'll soon be reunited with Peter and furry boy. Your journey has been inspiring and fascinating to follow. I know that dad is proud, as are all of us.
Lots of aloha,
Your Candlego fans

Thom said...

MY SISTER IS AWESOME!!! Her family is brimming with pride at her riding accomplishment. Kudos to all of you who take on such a challenge!

kak said...

Well, if you don't have brains, you have to rely on brawn and fiber. Anyone who knows my little sissie knows she has brains, brawn, humor, strength, compassion (for animals not necessaril for humans), and a whole lotta emotions! She has definitely improved with age or else it has been her close contact with Peter. We are all so proud of her and love her dearly. Her next goal should be the Iron Man triathalon in Hawaii! You go, girl!

Horseshoe#1 said...

I'm happy to see that others in the family are concerned about Nancy's input (seafood, Oreos, bananas, etc.) vs. output. The fiber comments are justified.

Without details or, certainly, without photos, I ask once more, "Has the bran kicked in, yet?"

Mikey said...

Hey Nancy, I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Tom served his famous Poop-your-pants Chili and I just got out of the bathroom. That said, I'm running to meet you at your desitination and....oops, I'm there!!! I'm so excited you're finishing up an incredible and inspiring journey (both physically and mentally)and I'm proud of all that you've accomplished. I have a gold star waiting for you. Of course it's not real. Don't be silly! Times are tough. It was on the ground!
Love you, Mikey