Monday, April 27, 2009

Waltzing to Wakulla Springs

We had probably the easiest ride of the trip today from Quincy to Wakulla Springs Lodge. The lodge is in a state park next to Wakulla Springs and Sally Ward Springs, which are the source of the Wakulla River, which flows to the St. Marks River, which flows to the Gulf of Mexico. There is swimming at the springs and boat rides to see the wildlife around the springs and river. The lodge has a restaurant, which is handy because the next closest restaurant is 8 miles away! Tried to swap my bike for one of the motorcycles at this stop, but had no takers.

The ride was a mixture of rolling hills and flat, with lots of bugs. We've been eaten alive by bugs at dinner the past couple of nights, and at the sag and pee stops along the road. Lots of incentive to keep the sag stops short and keep moving -- incentive we really didn't need Saturday because we were told that check-in time at the lodge was 2:30. So, we didn't start rolling until after 8 a.m., but were still at the lodge before noon. So, had a nice lunch at the lodge restaurant, after which we were told some of the rooms, including mine, were ready.

Changed clothes and took the boat ride which was simply wonderful and relaxing. Saw ospreys, egrets, herons, moorhens, turtles, leaping mullet, and alligators. After supper we had a talent show/variety show. Some riders made up songs, some read poetry, some handed out awards, some did skits. I chose to watch. Didn't inherit any kind of performing arts gene.

So, will wrap up this post for now with the usual bike stats and food stats. Haven't slept well the last couple of nights -- sinus headaches from being out in the 90 degree and 90 percent humidity, then into 68 degree air conditioning. I can open the windows here and plan to do that to see if it helps. I noticed that west of Kerrville I had no headaches or arthritis aches. Ever since we hit east Texas, the arthritis is back and headaches too. I'm not the only rider who says the arthritis is kicking in now that we're in hotter, more humid weather.

Bike stats: 40.82 miles; 3 hrs. 12 minutes riding time; 1,837 total trip miles.

Food stats: Last night had a burrito. Had cereal with yogurt and a banana for breakfast. Lunch was a club sandwich with fries. Dinner was a barbeque sandwich with macaroni and cheese and melon, and some cake made by a friend of a rider.

Only 3 riding days left to go for me, and one sag driving day. I should just barely top 2,000 riding miles for the trip, about 900 sag driving miles, and about 240 miles of riding out bad weather or flat tire in the van.

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Horseshoe#1 said...

Hell, Nancy, turn left and we'll see you around Memorial day.

85 degrees in the Green Mountain State! I eased my white legs into a pair of shorts and am heading out to scare some people,