Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apparently in Apache Junction

Yard sale, garage sale, moving sale, huge sale, home decor sale, block sale -- Saturday in the Greater Phoenix area. We rode from our hotel through Scottsdale and Mesa into Apache Junction. The route was predominantly on busy suburban streets, with the cue sheet reading left and right turns all day long. Between the turns, stop signs, traffic, and stoplights, it was difficult to get into a comfortable cycling rhythm. It was a short day, however, and many riders made side trips to see people or things along the way.

The only sag stop I saw was at a large park complex, and right next to a big dog park. People were coming and going, being dragged along by their pooches. Once safely inside the gated areas (one for active dogs, one for passive dogs), the dogs were unleashed and ran all over the place. It was fun to watch them play, and made me miss Brody all the more! I wasn't so magnanimous about the two dogs which chased me later in the day. Blowing my whistle just seemed to excite them all the more.

Sights along the way included a large equestrian center, with jumps set up inside rings, and an obstacle course in a large field. The center was right in the middle of a suburban housing community! Also saw two jackrabbits. The highlight of the trip, however, was visiting with my Aunt Kathy. Kathy is one of those souls who if it weren't for bad luck she'd have none at all. She went through a hard time last year and her brother, Rory, was able to get her into a very nice assisted living facility. The facility was only a couple of miles off the route, so I detoured and visited her. She wasn't happy with this picture, but neither was I. She looks a whole lot better than the picture shows. Check out my chubby cheeks and double chin. I told the staff person taking the picture to just take it from the waist up. After the picture taking, the sunglasses, helmet, and gloves went back on and I was back on the road.

Tomorrow we ride up and down into the mountains to Globe. Last year the riders were stopped at one of the passes because of snow. Those mountains had lots of thunderheads over them today, but it is too warm for snow.

Bike stats: 58.68 miles; 4 hrs. 56 minutes riding time; 383 total miles.

Food stats: cereal with milk, orange juice, coffee, banana, Go Lean bar, Powerbar Protein bar. Last night Linda made a great chicken in peanut sauce, with a tofu in peanut sauce option, rice, asian cole slaw, fruit cocktail, and cake for dessert. In case you're wondering why I'm tracking food, it is to keep me from eating junk food. I'd be too embarrassed to record what I'd really eat if I didn't have to tell anyone!!


Thom Kelley said...

You've got some pink cheeks there little Nancy! I'm so glad you saw Aunt Kathy. I hope you hit open road again soon.
We're still celebrating mom's great MRI results. Going to pig out at Marie Callender's tomorrow after pigging out at Papa Dante's the other day. I won't report on what we've eaten either!
Lots of love. You are awesome!

Irene Gaffigan said...

Hey Nancy,

I was in Apache Junction years ago.