Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On the march to Fort Clark Springs - Brackettville

Compared with yesterday's brutal slog to Del Rio, today's trip into the Fort Clark Springs hotel in Brackettville was a breeze. Light winds and relatively flat, and only 42 miles. Gave the tired riders a chance to recouperate. It was a very easy day to drive the sag wagon too. I just got to stand back and document the ladies at work on a flat. Think they could be hired for a construction crew (four watch, one works)?

The Fort Clark Springs hotel, our residence for the night, consists of former barracks at Fort Clark, which was established in 1852 and decommissioned in 1944. It was home to many cavalry units in the U.S. Army, and particularly to the "buffalo soldiers" cavalry units. All the old wooden buildings have been torn down, but the stone quarters and barracks are still being used, as private homes and th hotel. It also has a great spring-fed pool which stays a constant 68 degrees. The pool felt great on this 80+ degree sunny day.

Tomorrow we have another relatively short day (49 miles) and should be seeing more hills as we head into the Texas hill country. We've been told that the hills are a bit steeper but shorter than the mountains we've seen so far. This is around the time in the trip when I was told that people tend to get cranky. One lady said she was out of sorts at the Indian Lodge, and I had a case of it last night. Time to get back to spinning on the drop spindle and on the bike. Both activities help soften the edges!

Food stats: Last night had a couple pieces of pizza. This morning had a ham and cheese and egg croissant and a few oreos at lunch. Dinner was chicken or eggplant tortilla casserole, beans and rice, salad, watermelon, and I had a lemon bar for dessert.
P.S. There was no internet service at Fort Davis, so I'm posting yesterday's blog entry today!

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Thom Kelley said...

Nancy - cranky? I don't believe it. You'd better get in a better mood by Thursday. We'll have no crankiness here!