Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sailing into Salome

Today took us from California to Arizona. That means -- margaritas tonight! The day started out pretty quietly. We pedaled east, crossed the Colorado River (the state line), then got onto I-0 for the next 18 miles. That's right, pedaling on the breakdown lane on the interstate. The plus side was being able to stop at a rest stop (instead of the most convenient plant). The down side was seeing the aftermath of a high speed chase which probably ended in one death. Connie and Laurey saw the car fly past with police cars in hot pursuit. Shortly thereafter they saw where it had hit a berm on an entrance ramp, spun, flipped, and god knows what else. As I pedaled by someone was doing cpr on someone beside the back end of the car. Shortly thereafter a life-rescue helicopter flew by. According to Michelle, when she went by the scene the helicopter had shut down -- not a good sign for whoever was on the receiving end of the cpr.
Most of the day I pedaled within sight of Connie and Laurey, and Elizabeth and Peggy. We pedaled from there to Quartzite, a funky town with lots of neat sights. Bill, who is notorious for wearing nearly nothing outside his shop, was wearing overalls. We stopped at Sweet Darlene's and I had a great cinnamon roll, then headed back onto I-10 for another 11 miles. The interstate pedaling was mostly a gradual uphill, not a big strain.

We exited I-10 onto US 60 and stopped next at Brenda, where we encountered Bandit (the donkey) and Rowdy (the bull) in a van. They do donkey and bull shows in a local town every Thursday. From there we pedaled to Hope and had a huge lunch which was fantastic. From Hope it was a short hop to our overnight stay in Salome.
Today's bike stats: 61.8 miles, 5 hrs. 37 min. riding time. Total miles- 257.
Food before supper (and margaritas): cereal, yogurt, banana, mini-muffin, two glasses of orange juice, cup of coffee, cinnamon roll, ham and cheese omelet, home fries, 2 slices whole wheat toast, and a handful of peanut M&Ms and nuts. Had only one margarita and a salad for supper. I sure hope I burned that many calories riding today!

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