Sunday, March 29, 2009

Headwinds to Del Rio

I decided this morning to ride the van to Langtry (town of Judge Roy Bean) and then bike from there to our home at the Lakeview Inn on the Amistad Reservoir, created by the Amistad dam (serial setters look that up!). Today's ride was 111 miles, and that just didn't seem like fun to me. The van was going to set up lunch at the turnoff to Langry, which is about 50 miles from the hotel.

After visiting Langtry, and setting up lunch, I had second thoughts about biking 50 miles. The wind was a strong headwind. One rider rode in an announced she had ridden 6 mph,...pedaling... downhill. That cinched it for me! We ended up with 7 of us in the van after the lunch stop and picked up 3 more riders on the way to the hotel. The rest of the riders are out there right now and have until 7 before they will be picked up and brought in. Not sure whether to admire them or avoid them!!

The route was a bit hilly, but of the long, rolling variety until the last 20 miles which are flat. We've supposedly dropped another thousand feet or so from Marathon, but according to today's riders you wouldn't know it. We've left the Texas mountains and will be heading into hill country. Only 5 days until we are in Kerrville and I get to visit with Mom, my other mother and father, and my brother and other brother.
So, no bike stats today. Ate some eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, a turkey and cheese wrap for lunch, a few ginger snaps and a granola bar. We're having pizza delivered tonight since Linda cooked breakfast and lunch.

I will probably drive the sag wagon tomorrow. Ann has been driving it since my last duty day because she pulled a muscle. She thinks she might be able to ride again tomorrow. (Although without the boa!)

Tidbit for the non-Texans following this blog: speed limit on I-10 in west Texas is 80. Speed limit on the 2-lane U.S. 90 is 75. Fortunately there has been little traffic on U.S. 90 (our route since Alpine, TX), and the vehicles has pulled over to the opposite lane to pass us when possible.

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Thom Kelley said...

Thank you for the lovely rendition of Happy Birthday this morning. It was a nice way to get the day started. Hey, how about I drive to Kerrville on Thursday and drive you back to San Antonio? Then we could have all day Friday here, you could visit with your nieces and nephew, get lots of licky face and then we'll take you back Friday evening? Just a thought.
Your oldest sister is missing in Hawaii. No one has heard from her since dad's service at Punchbowl. I think she's already hiding so that she doesn't have to come back.