Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slumbering in Silver City

No pictures today. It's a layover day. Actually slept through the night for the first time this trip! So, comments on the comments you guys have made:

Martys (Terri) (my baby sister): We use sunscreen. Gobs of it. Linda (our chef and purchaser of all necessities) even mentioned last night that we're using an awfully amount of it. We really haven't had anyone with a serious sunburn despite the cloudless skies we've had every single riding day. I douse myself in it before breakfast, sometime shortly after the first sag stop, and on a longer day once more a few hours later. SPF 48. Just replenished my personal stash with SPF 70 stuff. Didn't even know it was made that strong. Would you like to visit Saturday night (April 4) in Blanco? I will sag that day, and it isn't too long a day, and my post-sag chores that night will be brief (refilling Lil Bo Peep the sag wagon). If yes, would you like to eat with the riders, or somewhere else. I need to know so I can tell Linda and she can make sure she cooks enough. Email me the response -- I don't have your email address in my webmail, so would like you to email so I can enter your address.

Kak (my older sister): No really great signs of spring. A few flowers here and there but the desert is not really in bloom. Haven't seen any armadillos, but we still have the rest of New Mexico and all of Texas for that. I'm not going to identify the other ladies in pictures or talk about them individually. You'll have to wait until the ride is over for me to do that. The trailer hauls all our luggage (clothing, computer, mp3 player, miscellaneous non-riding stuff. I carry in my bike bag a tool kit, a first aid kit, sunscreen, rain jacket, snacks, state map, cell phone, ibuprofen and excedrin migraine, wallet, and chapstick. My camera goes in a little bag in front of me. The cue sheet is held by a clip in front of the handlebars.

Horseshoe#1 (not a relation but warped enough to qualify): We have plenty of ladies with wicked senses of humor. There are lots of laughs and giggles around the dinner table. "Butt-crack of dawn" is about the mildest giggle I can reprint. I don't hear much silliness from the others during the day because I'm either bicycling alone or driving the sag, usually alone.

I really enjoy hearing comments from all of you who are following the blog. Now I have to go back to town with Bessie the bike to see if they can put a second water bottle cage on her, and to get another tire. Will be sagging tomorrow and will update tomorrow night if I can (not sure if the next hovel has internet, but it is supposed to be really great otherwise).


kak said...

Thanks for answering so many of the questions. I hope you go back and reread your comments as some more have been added. So glad you got a good night's sleep - we know what you can be like without it. Do you think you can take more pics than Terri and Marty??? Please note the times of yesterday's blogs from Tom and the eldest of the clan!! Guess what we were doing. Haven't started packing yet - wish you could take a time out and come with except you'd be a mess at Punchbowl. Need to clean house - see you don't have to do that! Love you lots, Kak

Cletus said...

Aunt Nancy, I'm hurt that you didn't response to my comment early in your rrrrride. I'm going to have to bite someone

Thom Kelley said...

Hope you're enjoying your resting day. The best is yet to come!!
I'm sorry about Cletus getting on the computer. You know how he is.
The girls send slobbery face licks. Hugs from us.

geogeo said...

Nancy, Peter was over for a'ccca' meeting and told me of your blogsite. I was happy to see a picture of you looking healthy & robust. Great Job! We are so sorry you have to miss this great mud season and getting caught in the ruts, oh well, we all make sacrifices! so.. eat well-stay hydrated and rest, yes. And Cavendish says 'you go girl. I'll check back in a few days. Geo

Horseshoe#1 said...

Are you there yet?

Margaret said...

Boy oh boy this trip is longer than the AT! Wish I was close enough to bike a few miles with you. Thinking of you every day! Love the pictures and the comments. Would like to meet all of your family. Can we have a support party when you get home? Please!!!