Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elated to be in El Paso

Margarita night!! Somewhere in today's ride we crossed over from New Mexico to Texas. We started the day with a weather forecast of highs in low 80's and winds even stronger than yesterday. It was like we were all shot out of a cannon this morning. Even slightly before the butt-crack of dawn, but with ample daylight, people bolted out of the hotel parking lot and back on the road.

The early scenery was much the same as yesterday afternoon -- pecan groves, cotton fields, chili fields. Lots more horses, some thoroughbreds, a polo field, and an alpaca ranch. Then we got into El Paso and the urban traffic and strip malls. After going through downtown we rode 8.8 miles on the border highway. The wind had definitely picked up by then, but it was a tailwind!! It looked like our defense against terrorist labor illegal immigrants consisted of a tall fence, another fence with barbed wire, a concrete moat, another fence with barbed wire, road debris (guaranteed to trip up anyone who made it that far), and if all that doesn't stop those illegals, the Texas drivers will get them! What happened to Lady Bird Johnson's beautifying America? What happened to "Drive friendly?"

Didn't take too many pictures because of all the traffic. All told the ride was pretty flat, except for Mesa Hills Rd. where there were some hills. The feared wind ended up being an asset today. Checked in around noon and went next door to the mexican restaurant for lunch. Either the food had a particular local flavor which doesn't appeal to me, or it was pretty bad. I wouldn't recommend that restaurant.

Bike stats: 66.66 miles; 4 hrs. 48 minutes riding time; 692 total trip miles. Food: egg biscuit sandwich, two bananas, melon, OJ, coffee, a Milky Way bar (purchased to thank the lady at the grocery store for letting me use the restroom), chicken enchiladas, refried beans, rice. Last night for dinner Linda made shepherd's pie, salad, cottage cheese and fruit, and brownies and leftover birthday cake (from a rider's birthday party).

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Thom Kelley said...

Howdy! Welcome to Texas! Glad to have you here. You're just a hop, skip, and a jump from us! My guess is you'll be more elated to be out of El Paso!
Happy Margarita night!
Lots of love,
Candleglo Clan