Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hustled out the door and on my way

Well, I was finally chased out of town to start this trip. The "Madam" at Six Loose Ladies in Proctorsville shooed me on my way. Managed to NOT forget anything important, ....... at least I don't think I forgot anything important.

I want to thank all my fellow loose ladies. Six Loose Ladies is a fiber shop (yarn, wool rovings and batts, needles, books, patterns, classes, and comaraderie) run by a nonprofit organization called Fiber Arts in Vermont. All of us who work in the shop and run the shop are volunteers. It is a fun place and has become a fixture in our small community. While I'm gone, others are working my Saturdays and doing the computer recordkeeping, membership duties, and publicity. Thank you, ladies.

And yes, Tom, I cried before leaving home. Brody walked into the bedroom and saw the two gym bags I had removed from the closet (where I had packed and hidden them). He came out and gave me this pitiful look. All was quickly forgotten, however, when he got to go for a ride in the truck to Cavendish Canine Camp. He raced from the truck to the office, and yipped at Deb until she finally let him go to the back to play. Who needs Mom anyway!
We fly out of Albany tomorrow morning at 6:40. No snow expected this far west, but the coastal areas of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are getting hammered. Good luck getting to California fellow riders from the East!


Thom Kelley said...

Go Nancy Go! I love the photo of you getting the boot out of the shop. Thanks to everyone who is supporting Nancy as she pushes her old, decrepit body on this amazing journey. Everytime you feel that second wind, know that it's dad pushing you along. He's always had our backs!
Lots of loving aloha to you!

Horseshoe#1 said...

Wait 'til the lady starts counting the cash and realizes how Nancy financed this trip...she'll have a gun next time.

Nancy said...

Hope you made it out of Albany OK, we missed you already this morning when we picked up Samantha and went down your way.
Have a safe and wonderful journey; you are a brave soul!
No doubt your Dad will be with in along the way.

Madam S said...

It's Sit N' Knit night tonight at Six Loose Ladies and we're gonna be doin' some partying in your honor! Peddle on girl peddle on!

marty said...

Cheesecake?! Your breakfasts and dinners sound good. Lunches...Oh well, you might fall asleep on the bike if you had a big lunch. Plus, the scenery is pretty repetitious. All I can say about the picture of you and Aunt Kathy is "sunscreen" and "thanks Mom for the chins"!