Friday, March 6, 2009

We're on our way

Dog Beach (starting point for ride)

After a quiet, enjoyable stay in San Diego, we're on our way. Peter and I visited the San Diego zoo -- pricey but a wonderful facility -- and Old Town San Diego, which was disappointing, but a good place for lunch. We spent lots of time on the computer because it was high-speed, which we don't get at home. Peter left at 5 a.m. this morning to head back home. He claims I won't miss him as much as Brody, but he's wrong. He's my best friend and keeps me centered. He didn't see my tears as we parted, but there were more than when I left Brody!

Carol (Meriden, NH), Peggy (Perkinsville, VT), and me.

We were scheduled to ride from the hotel to the beach at 8 a.m., but everyone was ready to go before then. We paraded to Dog Beach and lined up for photos and dipped out back tires in the Pacific (a silly tradition -- we had to carry them 80 yds. across the sand to do it, then carry them back to pavement -- can't let the sand get in the working parts). Then the ride officially began. We rode mostly on bike lanes, which were quite welcome given that we were on major roads through San Diego. Had a great downhill - hit 33 mph, which on a bike seems like a lot. And went through a beautiful park. Had a long, steady uphill for about 2 miles into our hotel at Alpine, California. 35.27 miles today. All but one rider were here by 1:30 or so. Hopefully the missing rider will show up before suppertime.

I get to drive the sag wagon tomorrow. The sag wagon carries snacks -- dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, granola bars, m&m's, other bars, water, and powdered Gatorade. It's a Subaru Outback Legacy and can carry 3 riders and their bikes, four in a pinch. The sag wagon leaves the hotel after the last rider takes off and drives 20 miles or so and waits for the riders. We keep track of the riders, checking off their names as they pull up or pass by. Once the last rider has left, we pull up stakes and drive up the road again and set up another 20 miles or so ahead (ahead of the lead riders when possible) and do it all again. The sag drivers also wash pots and pans and help with chores. Ann Smith, Janet Bee, Carol, Moehrke, and I are the sag drivers, and we rotate the duties.

That's about it for now. Will pop a couple of ibuprofen for the knees and relax for a bit.

I miss you, Peter. (okay, and Brody too).


Thom Kelley said...

YEA!!! Day 1 sounds wonderful. The beach looked beautiful, I might have just stayed there. Enjoy your ibuprofen and the sag tomorrow. Kerrville, here she comes!
I'll pray for tailwinds Sunday and Monday!

Lynne said...

I'll bet it feels good to finally be on the way.
Is there air conditioning in that van? :-D

Horseshoe#1 said...

You might want to put one Ibuprophen in each hip pocket. Can you drive the van standing up?

Mikey said...

OK, Nancy, enough of this warming up. When do they take y'all to the bottom of Mt. Shasta for that race to the top? (ok, maybe you could make that a little side trip). Anyway, I can't tell you how proud I am that you're doing this and you know that Uncle Ed is "the wind beneath your, uh, tires". I'm convinced you're going to Heaven. I'll contact Peter in Ft. Lauderdale and let him know that as well! Love, Mikey