Saturday, March 28, 2009

Safe and sane in Sanderson

We left the dead animal hotel this morning and headed to Sanderson, the cactus capital of Texas. It was to be a short day, so we left after 9 a.m. -- some people even left around 10. We had a tailwind most of the day, so despite our best efforts to not get here too early, most of us were here by 2 p.m.
The part of west Texas we are traveling through is very beautiful, with high hills and lots of scrub brush, grassland, cactus, and other flora. Only saw cows today -- no other wildlife. There weren't even any towns between Marathon and Sanderson in which to dawdle. The ride was mostly flat, with one long, gradual, easy uphill near the beginning. The wind picked up toward the end and was a side wind from time to time, but it wasn't a problem like it was yesterday. It was a bit warmer than yesterday, so I shed the warm weather tights and mittens at the first sag stop. Wore the long-sleeved shirt under the rain jacket and was quite comfortable. The breeze is still very cool, but the sun is hot.
Tomorrow is our 111-mile day. If we continue to have a tailwind, I might go for it. If we don't have a good tailwind, I'll ride the van to our lunch stop and bicycle from there. I've done that distance before and don't have anything to prove.
Bike stats: 54.58 miles; 3 hrs. 31 minutes riding time; 933 total trip miles. Food: last night Linda made us happy by cooking up a big pot of split pea soup to warm us up, along with cornbread, and key lime pie. This morning I had cereal and yogurt, on the road had a banana and protein bar. Had another protein bar, some ginger snaps, and a strawberry/kiwi V8 Splash when I got in.
Claudia -- Peggy says "Hey."

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marty said...

Hey Nancy!
We've had two cold fronts come through, which explains the cool,windy days. Don't get too excited - the weather changes quickly and frequently.
You are really seeing a different part of the world when you are going through southwest USA. The scenery reminds me of old westerns. Riding a horse would be more apropos, but not quite as fast for as long as your bike!
Hope you are still having fun!