Monday, March 23, 2009

Flying to Fort Hancock

Today's weather forecast was for high winds, but we had a short ride scheduled, so start time was after 8 a.m. I decided not to be the first one on the road and to actually ride with someone. My Vermont neighbor Peggy, Elizabeth from Massachusetts, and Marni from Houston let me tag along. Elizabeth dubbed today a rolling rest day.

We stopped at a couple of missions which were very beautiful. Then around 11 we stopped at a small Mexican restaurant, La Calesa, in Tornillo for lunch. The general consensus was the enchiladas were great. I'd had not-so-great enchiladas yesterday for lunch, so opted to wait for pie at Angie's in Fort Hancock. Even with all the dilly-dallying, and two great sag stops, we were done at 1 p.m. The high wind ended up a quartering and tailwind almost the entire way! We really didn't need to pedal hard at all.

So, all told another beautiful weather day. Tomorrow is 74 miles to Van Horn. The winds are supposed to be quieter tomorrow.

Bike stats: 48.89 miles today; 3 hrs. 17 minutes ride time; total trip mileage 741 miles. Food: bran flakes (raisin bran with raisins removed), banana, hard boiled egg, donut, OJ, protein bar, two oreo cookies, some tortilla chips, and a fantastic piece of apple pie! Last night Linda cooked fish, macaroni & cheese, fruit with a cream sauce, broccoli with garlic. Another fantastic meal!

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