Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camping in Camp Woods

Today was another pretty short day, and I was back in the saddle again. The sag driving days are a nice break, but it feels good to have a nice ride.
I was one of the first ones on the road and was happily pedaling along when I noticed a sheep -- not a cow -- for a change. As I got closer I noticed that the ewe was trapped between a fence and a gate inside the fence. and her lamb was frantically looking on So, I stopped the bike, being sure to click out of the right pedal as I usually do when I go to stop. I forgot, however, to click out of the left pedal, and therefore my rush to save the poor ewe was momentarily sidelines while I fall over, disconnected my left foot from the pedal, then picked my bike and myself up. The ewe became distressed at the thought that this nincompoop was going to help her and managed to get her front legs entangled in the gate, and a back leg in the fence. She literally was just hanging, wedged between the fence and gate. There was no answer to my yells at the ranchhouse. Fortunately the rest of the cavalry arrived at that time. We were lucky there was no electric fence! A couple of us managed to lift the ewe enough to disentangle her legs, after which another rider unlatched the gate and we swung it open enough for her to escape to her lamb's delight. That good deed done, we pedaled on.

The day started with some nice rolling hills, but more chip seal pavement and quartering headwinds. The chip seal seemed more problematic to many than the annoying wind. We spent the first half of the day on a narrow farm road which passed sheep farms, cattle ranches, and we even saw llamas. It was pretty, and there was very little traffic. The second half of the ride put us on a busier road, but with a good shoulder. Three miles from Camp Wood was a river crossing and a place to go play in the water. I chose not to play in the water and instead pedaled on into town for lunch and laundry.

All told, a nice day. The Woodbine hotel, where we're staying, is a nice, clean place with a religious theme (the picture frame by my door says Jehovah is watching over me). It is surprising to come to these small, old highway hotels and find wireless internet!

Bike stats: 49.48 miles; 4 hrs. 32 minutes riding time; 983 total trip miles.

Food stats: cereal with blueberries for breakfast, half a banana and some oreos on the road, a taco salad and pineapple milkshake for lunch.


Cletus said...

Hi Aunt Nancy! I'm so glad I'm going to get to see you when you're here. Can I do your hair?
Do you have a backpack that I could sneak into and ride away with you? My sisters are driving me crazy!
Can't wait to see you. I'll try not to bite you, but I can't make any promises.

Horseshoe#1 said...

I'm having breakfast at the Blue Benn tomorrow. (That'll make you homesick.)