Thursday, March 26, 2009

Relaxing in Fort Davis

Yesterday was a brutal bicycling day. Thankfully I drove the sag yesterday. The day started with a nice flat tailwind ride on the shoulder of I-10 from Van Horn for about 40 miles. Then the riders exited I-10 for the almost 60-mile leg into Fort Davis, and the wind picked up and was a howling quartering wind in their faces. There were lots of folks who, at the 45 mile lunch spot, hitched a ride to the HILLS after mile 62, or all the way to the hotel in the Davis State Park. There were a lot of hardy souls, however, who slogged through the wind and into the hills for a total of 90 miles. They are truly inspirational!!!!! (or should be considered certifiable, take your pick) One determined soul rode the entire way until about 8 miles from the hotel, when he rear tire blew out. Her tube shredded and the sidewall of the tire was a disaster. Thankfully she didn't get hurt. She'll have to ride the van tomorrow to Marathon, where she'll have new rims and tires and tubes awaiting her.

Last night and tonight we are staying at the Indian Lodge in Davis State Park. The oldest part of the lodge was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1937. It is absolutely beautiful. The best part of it is that we are away from cities and traffic, no need to keep the A/C unit going to cover the noise. I kept the windows open and listened to birds singing this morning. First really sound sleep of the trip. I hope that Peter and I can someday come here and spend a week hiking and enjoying the place. The Davis Mountains are beautiful.

So, on to Marathon tomorrow. I'll add pictures to this post tomorrow when I can update from my computer (I'm using the Fort Davis library computer right now).

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Thom Kelley said...

Kerrville, here they come! Hope you had a nice relaxing day yesterday and that your ride went smoothly today. You're getting here! We've had nasty weather the last couple of days. I hope you're not running into any of it. See you soon!!!!!