Monday, March 2, 2009

We're here!

This is how home looked when we left on Sunday, with more snow forecast. Fortunately for us, we flew on Southwest from Albany to Chicago, changed flights, and made it to San Diego. Had we done what we normally do -- fly through Baltimore -- we might still be in Albany. All east coast destination flights from Albany were canceled!
Our flight left Albany in the snow at 6:40 a.m. We arrived in balmy San Diego at 4 p.m. east coast time. I thought we'd never get here!! Had our first meal of the day at the hotel while waiting to check in. Met Linda and scoped out the sag wagon which I'll be driving every fourth day or so on the trip. Nothing else interesting to report.
How I hate warm weather.
I miss my Brody!


Mikey said...

Hey Nancy,
In honor of you being the fantastic person you are I'm going to donate to this wonderful cause. I'm also popping my gum, sucking candy out loud, tapping my foot annoyingly on the chair and picking my nose. This is not easy to do all at the same time so I hope you appreciate it. With much love. Mikey

Thom Kelley said...

Peter might just stay there in SD! I've never seen your house before! It's like a winter wonderland there.
Just think how happy you're going to be when you see your little furry faced friend after your ride! You'll get to see your nieces in about one month. One of them will have lots of kisses stored up for you. Have a good time in SD and get ready!!!!!!
Lots of love.

Lynne said...

Quit whining, suck it up and BASK already. It's in the single digits here.

Irene Gaffigan said...


I agree with Lynne - about 4 degrees here, but thankfully only about 3 inches of snow.

Glad you got there safely.


kak said...

Oh, bah humbug. We didn't even get what could be called a dusting of snow (did enjoy your picture) and now the temp may hit low 20's (bet you're in the 70s) so I can't get a kick out of snow or enjoy the warmth of the sun. And I'm at work. Rode my bike last night (5 miles)- so I think you should post how much you're riding every day so I can keep up. Am so proud of you for doing this trip for A research. I think it may be too late for us. Love ya, Kak

Cletus said...

Hi Aunt Nancy!
I'm so prrrrroud of you for doing this ride. I'm sure Gramps is smiling with pride on you and will be watching your every pedal.
I can't wait for you to get to Kerrville so I can do your hair!
Lots of love,

dpardo said...
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Dave said...
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Thom Kelley said...

By the time you see this, day 1 should be a thing of the past. Congratulations!! How's your butt? You're well on your way!
Lots of love and support,
the Candelglo clan