Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Uphill to Silver City

Had corned beef and cabbage and carrots and potatoes and strawberries and grapes last night -- and a margarita. Found out that two riders hit railroad tracks wrong and took a tumble. A lovely lady helped one rider and took her to a clinic where she was looked over and patched up. The other rider cracked her helmet! Other things I forgot to mention from yesterday. When I had my blowout at mile 3.3, I dropped and broke my water bottle. Fortunately I have spares. Also, wish I had a penny for every beer bottle I saw along the road. Would have paid for this trip!

On to today. Linda told us breakfast was at 8 this morning. I woke up at 5 and fidgeted until she put out some cereal and fruit. That was all I needed - didn't wait for the hot stuff. It was after the butt-crack of dawn by then, so I headed out. Met up with Janet at mile 14 or so and asked her to see where the lead weights had been added to my bike. It was a steady, but manageable, uphill all the way to mile 19.

Crossed the continental divide around mile 19, then hit stair steps for a while -- ride a short distance relatively flat, then climb, then ride a relatively flat stretch, then climb. Had a mile-long Chubb Hill gear climb around mile 39, then a gorgeous 3-mile, 24 mph downhill, then another mile climb, then rolled into Silver City.

We'll be here tonight and tomorrow. Finally a layover day. I got in and told the front desk that I was looking forward to doing laundry. They said their guest washer was down, but they would do my laundry for me. Angels!!!!

Plan to wander Silver City tomorrow for a while, then catch up with questions you guys have asked and I haven't answered.

Bike stats: 47.54 miles; riding time4 hrs. 47 minutes; total trip miles 534. Food today so far: cereal and milk, banana, granola bar, ginger snaps, apple slices, Go Lean bar, and two bean burritos. Wildlife sightings: deer, jackrabbit, hawk, crows.


Thom Kelley said...

I don't have any questions. I just wanted to say we're loving following you along the way. I can't wait to see you in Kerrville!
Be good, stay healthy and safe, and have a blast!!!
Lots of love.
The whole Candleglo clan

kak said...

Okay, it's catchup day! You look so skinny! Maybe while I'm riding Bill will do the laundry. Seen any amarillos? Did you see Rory when you saw Aunt Kathy? Tell us about some of the ladies - oh, maybe you can't if they see this. Are you being a good girl? Is most of your gear in the van? ie you're carrying tools, water, and camera with you? Read any good books lately? Tee hee. Heard about the P.I.G.s at A.I.G.? Wish I could hear your voice - and laugh hysterically with you. One of our librarians asked if the librarians group ever did things outside of work for fun. He suggested a "sex toys" meeting (his wife sells them and hot oils). Maybe I can have that party when you and Peter visit! Take care of yourself - we think about you so much - love you still. Kak

Mikey said...

Hey Nancy, We can't wait for you to get to Kerrville. Those bean burritos may get you there sooner than you thought! And you wonder why no one is following you? :-) Smart lady!! Keep up the good work. I absolutely love the pics and the cute stories. It's almost like we're there! Love you, Mikey

Mikey said...

Hey Nancy, I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Tom served his famous Poop-your-pants Chili and I just got out of the bathroom. That said, I'm running to meet you at your desitination and....oops, I'm there!!! I'm so excited you're finishing up an incredible and inspiring journey (both physically and mentally)and I'm proud of all that you've accomplished. I have a gold star waiting for you. Of course it's not real. Don't be silly! Times are tough. It was on the ground!
Love you, Mikey

Mikey said...
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