Saturday, March 21, 2009

Legging it to Las Cruces

After a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Black Range Lodge, and one of the best breakfasts on the ride, and half an hour of rubbing Charlie and Pepper's bellies (the Lodge dogs) we were off and pedaling again -- to Las Cruces. If you ever venture to this part of the country, make it a point to stay at this lodge. The proprietors are wonderful and the lodge is a true gem. We all wanted to spend another day and night there, but the open road awaits.

The ride started out with a long downhill and then a bit of an uphill, then down or flat the rest of the way to Las Cruces. The wind was initially favorable, but picked up and was either at our sides or at times in our faces during the afternoon. I outran the sag wagon today, and had to go off-route to find some food and liquid. Dutifully called Ann the sag driver to let her know what I was doing so she wouldn't go looking for me and get worried when she didn't find me.

And now, the picture that

Peter has waited for, and

Tom has waited for, and

Michael knows is coming.

Let the drumroll begin..........

Yes, folks. We were in cow country much of the day.

At about mile 26 we entered the Rio Grande valley and saw lots of pecan groves, harvested cotton fields, and lots and lots of chilis and chili processors. There were lots of farms and more horses than I had seen on the trip so far. It was a very warm day, and a very long day along the Rio Grande. When I checked into the hotel, they told me they had cake and ice cream for the riders and would be serving it in 15 minutes. I suggested they wait for the rest of the riders to get in, as I was one of the early ones. It was really nice of the hotel to do that for us!
Bike stats: 91.61 miles (get cracking Kak); riding time 6 hours 36 minutes; total mileage so far 625. Food stats: oatmeal, sourdough waffle, fruit, home fries, two protein bars, grilled ham & cheese sandwich, piece of cake and ice cream.


Thom Kelley said...

I can't believe we had to wait so long for the picture! Come on, it's not the first you've taken! Michael says he thinks you need more fiber! Cletus was very impressed. It was good to talk to you tonight. You sound like you're having such a good time.
Be good, ride safely, and watch those piles! I'm sure you'll be dodging them like crazy once you hit West Texas!

Horseshoe#1 said...

No comment.

kak said...

I have a hat that looks like your picture. Since today is Sunday I guess I can do 9 miles while watching 60 minutes. Hope they have an exercise room at the Hale Koa. How hot has it been? Need to get packing. Will try to get to a computer once a day even if I have to go to the library! Luv ya, Kak