Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Layover in Blythe

Today is our first layover day! Got up, did laundry, had breakfast, bought and sent some postcards, and then had our first tutorials -- on basic bike cleaning and maintenance, and on changing flats. We've had 12 flats so far on the ride, a few people with more than one flat in the first four days. Would have been a great cycling day again today with virtually no wind and sunny skies. We've been fortunate to have good riding weather. Decided not to go to the movies -- instead had lunch with Carol, Connie, Janet, and Sherry at a hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurant that was great. Will just have a light dinner of apple, orange, and banana tonight. Tomorrow we cross state lines into Arizona (overnight at Salome), which means it will be margarita night. Will have to update the blog tomorrow night before my drink!!!


Horseshoe#1 said...

Take your camera along on your pub-crawl. The pictures will be more interesting.

Ellen said...

Hi Nancy,

Tomorrow you will stay in your first "unrated" motel. The next morning you will go through Wendel where you should plan on stopping at the cafe for interesting women. You all qualify and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Love reliving our trip last year through the blog of a fellow Vermonter. Enjoy! Ellen

martys said...

Hey Nancy!
I'm so proud of you. You are surviving biking in temperatures over 30! And in places with no trees! Marty is impressed with your technological abilities and your willingness to cart along all its paraphenalia.
You'll be in beautiful Texas before you know it.

kak said...

I want some pics of you after clubbing! You know vodka can appear as water (water bottles). Had to ride a long time last night and will do so again tonight. You have had some wonderful views of scrubs (isn't that the name of our last president??). Is there a drought out West???? How do the men look - like Rory? Seen any roadkill? Hope this is living up to your dreams. Liked that comment about bowels! Luv ya, Kak

Horseshoe#1 said...

It appears Margarita night took its toll; we haven't heard from Nancy in two days.

christine said...

Hey Nancy, I've tried a once before to leave a comment but not sure you got it...we've had both Spring and Winter since you've been gone. Am enjoying following your movements and reading your comments. Would like to see some picture of you to verify that you're actually there. So far it's mostly other people! Peter is busy and doing well. We'll have to have dinner with him soon to be sure he's eating. The residents at Gill miss you. Am giving your sch. to Linda so she can follow along. Annie visited Brody at Dog Camp last week and I guess all went well, although Annie didn't say much. Keep well, we miss you and please stay safe!

Thom Kelley said...

Aloha Nancy,
Who are all these nice people following your blog? I didn't know you knew so many nice people. I hope your ride went nicely today. I was nice hearing you on the phone.
Be a good girl, play nice.