Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to Wickenburg

We are in Wickenburg tonight. I had sag duty today, with two stops in the middle of nowhere. There were some neat places to get things to eat and drink along the way, and the day was relatively short (60 miles or so), so the sag stops had no drama.

The first neat place was called Ingredients - a short 4 miles from our hotel. It is a coffee shop/cafe run by a mother and daughter. It is really fascinating inside with a little bit of everything. Lots of riders stopped for a cup of coffee here.

The second neat spot was the Coyote Cafe in Aguila, about 29 miles into the ride. Most of the riders stopped here for an early lunch.
Not much else to report today because I didn't ride and didn't have the chance to take many pictures. I also ate very little today -- Special K cereal, banana, milk, coffee, two ginger snaps, one oreo cookie, and a McDonald's milkshake (at 3 p.m. - I was famished). Linda is doing lasagna tonight!
Dad passed away a month ago today. I've thought about him lots today and know we all miss him a lot. Connie gave me a big hug every time she saw me - her father died a year ago and she still misses him too. Those hugs helped!
P.s. Sorry that the Salome post was late - the hotel didn't have internet access. It did, however, have red neon lights outside the rooms, which were quite a giggle with this group!


Mel said...

Hi Nancy -- I lost my Dad 5 years ago, April 10th. At 1 month and 1 year I was a mess so you two keep hugging each other and hang in there. I guarantee my Dad was there helping me through and yours is too. Your blog is so much fun! Thanks for all of the details. What an amazing trip! I'm in GA so when you get to Alabama and Florida wave at me! God bless. ~Mel

Thom Kelley said...

You sure ain't in Vermont anymore, are you?! Those places look like they could be in the movies.
I can't believe it's been a month since dad died! Sometimes it seems like it was yesterday and sometimes it seems like it was an eternity. We're lucky we have the amazing family we have.
No more ties for me. I'll tell you later! :)
Lots of love to you.