Friday, March 20, 2009

Killer hills to Kingston

This was a long, busy sag day. The trip went 48 miles, and I didn't finish the sag and post-sag chores until 5 p.m. This had the most beautiful scenery of the trip. The route was a bit uphill, then downhill, then a very long, pretty steep uphill. The hill topped out at 8800 feet! The entire route was winding with speed limits of 25-35 both uphill and downhill. I am amazed at these riders -- women in their 50's and 60's, and one 70 and one in her 40's pedaled without complaint. One rider had to be picked up a mile from the top with a badly gashed shin. Her bike attacked her. Had one other rider then, so the three of us did some sightseeing on the way down to the lodge.

The Black Ridge Lodge is absolutely fantastic. I informed the proprieters that I'm not leaving and would be happy to help with chores. They have two dogs -- one of them an Aussie. The place is very rustic and just feels like home. No cell coverage, so I miss my evening call to Peter. But, they have wireless internet!!

Finished knitting my sister-in-law's shawl last night, so can play with the drop spindle tonight if I have the energy. May just enjoy the peace of this place. We go to Las Cruces tomorrow - 88 miles but is supposed to be mostly downhill and flat.

No bike stats. Food: cereal, a couple of brownie bites, a protein bar. Don't know what the lodge is serving tonight, but it sure smells good!


Thom Kelley said...

Can we come stay there too?

Cletus said...

Why does Peter get a nightly call but no call for your little furry nephew. I'm going to have to bite you when I see you again.
We're all glad you're having fun. The joys of West Texas lay ahead!

kak said...

Am starting to pack today - doing the laundry, etc. Had Peter Paul and Mary playing and cried along with some of the songs. Maybe I'll get the tears out today so I'm not on a DVD crying like a Sissie! Hope you took pictures of the Lodge to share. I'm hoping Bill and I can do a night hike to the volcano where it enters into the sea. You sound really happy. Maybe you could get a job leading bike tours around the world! Luv ya, little sissie, Kak